I had the perfect marriage with my lovely wife Caterina, with a high paying job in a very reputable firm in Genoa. I was wealthy and stable; I did everything a loving husband would do. I worked diligently, looked after my wife, and enjoyed warm loving sex with her several times a week.

We had a fixed routine in which I received a lovely blowjob and after which I will lick her clitoris, before we had missionary style sex and came together. It was easy to have regular sex with her as she was the perfect Indian wife, always dressing properly while maintaining a lovely slim figure to compliment her long black hair, expressive brown eyes and milky white skin. Her warm genuine smile would melt anyone.

Did I need more? That unspeakable urge was brimming under the surface constantly, that urge we all have but choose to ignore. Perhaps this led me to innocently stumble across the site that destroyed my ‘normal’ life forever. A site named ‘Awaken Your Desires‘.

enjoyed warm loving sexOn screen was a picture of stunningly beautiful girl from the waist up. She must be 18, wearing a dark blue sari with a tastefully deep neck under her black dupatta, her hair and makeup made elegantly, her ruby red lips revealing a kind, loving but bold smile. She was a taller more filled out version of my Caterina, with the exception of her piercing lust filled eyes as opposed to my wife’s innocent sweet gaze. Her name was Adriana.

The site amazed me, it promised gorgeous looking girls with fully customizable sex packages. If you wanted anal sex, group sex, role playing, bondage and discipline, even all of the above… any fantasy you ever dreamed of was available, and for free. Yes, no charge. It was surely too good to be true. There was a vast array of beautiful images of women all dressed teasingly graceful, on the verge of lewd but never crossing the line. Adriana… I simply could not remove her picture imprinted in my mind.

For weeks I wrestled with myself but I caved in, I had to find out more. I found myself calling the number on my screen.

A smooth comfortable voice answered, very feminine and alluring. She assured me quickly that I had made a great choice and politely asked me what my dreams and desires were. Reluctant, I opted for the most basic of packages, a simple blowjob. She knew that I was new to this and she with her reassuring voice had me booked in for the following morning, a personal date with her.

I was shocked, what have I done? My heart thumped and my pulse raced all evening and all night. I stared at the ceiling thinking only of the woman in the blue saree while my lovely wife slept peacefully next to me.

Filled with doubt but unable to stop myself, I found myself in a luxurious hidden away club around at 11am sharp the next morning. The receptionist was another lovely looking woman who smiled and welcomed me by my name; how she knew it I don’t know.

After a short uncomfortable wait I was greeted by Adriana, and my goodness she was stunning. She wore a perfectly fitted dark red saree with just the right amount of cleavage disguising her full breasts. She greeted me like we were old friends, with a big smile and a loving kiss to my cheek as she took me hand gently and led me towards a vast door. I was still in shock and unable to deal with the woman of my desires coming to life. She led me through a long corridor with many doors and frosted glass that couldn’t be seen fully through. Some were occupied and I could make out various sexual acts, men sitting while receiving a blowjob, some couples in doggy style, some locked in a 69. I could have sworn that some rooms even had more than two people.

There was a huge double door labeled ‘Members Lounge’. We did not go there, and went the opposite way into a small booth. What was behind that door?

I sat down on the comfortable chair and she knelt before me, my heart was thumping so hard it felt like it would burst out of my chest. She skillfully undid my belt and exposed by throbbing hard cock. Looking up with those large beautiful eyes she smiled approvingly at my penis and slowly, teasingly wrapped her warm mouth around the dark purple head. I thrashed in pleasure immediately, I was in heaven. She skillfully bobbed her head back and forth in a very steady rhythm, moving her mouth and ruby red lips halfway down and back, massaging my balls gently with her free hand.

I was barely able to control myself, her tongue darted around my penis head as her mouth enclosed deeper and deeper, taking in an extra inch with every head motion. In only a matter of minutes she was deep throating me with amazing ease and her mouth and throat was massaging my uncontrollable cock. I soon came, harder than I had in months. She moaned approvingly as her mouth received several large jets of hot cum, she continued to suck as light bursts went inside her. She looked up, smiled and swallowed every single drop, before easing her mouth off my aching penis.

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