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It’s been over 4 months since Siena had a new neighbour called Bianca. Siena was always indoors with her two best friends Kate and Penelope who always came to sleepover at Siena’s apartment. The three friends go all the way back to high school and now they are in college, nothing seems to separate them. They share everything and keep no secrets between each other.

Sexy new NeighboursHowever Siena and her friends never knew that the new neighbour Bianca was a very sexy girl. All her curves and wits were hidden behind her outfits. But this knowledge became public to Siena and her friends when Bianca invited them to her birthday party. Siena and her friends were astonished by what they saw. Bianca was in her skimpy underwear and a very tiny tank top that revealed her under-bust. And weeks after the party, Siena couldn’t still get Bianca out of her head. Her friends made this more difficult Siena by daring Siena to seduce Bianca. Hence Siena came up with a plan and was ready to conquer her fears. She invited Bianca over to her house for a movie night and that was where everything started.