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Fuck me like a true soldier

I enjoyed my cruise with deep thoughts. I would be thirty five years old in just two weeks and had very little to show for it. There was a decent job, a string of short relationships and a lot of money. I never thought my life would have turned out like this. I was smart, law abiding, athletic and well educated. Although I wasn’t every girl’s dream, I was attractive by most standards and had my share of few relationships with desirable women.

My name is Alberto and I was on my last contract and voyage in Italy with no one in my home country to call my own. At least I had dedicated my career to been financially free permanently, but I had no one to share my life with and only waching porn videos or they call it porno italiano.

I sipped my scotch and thought about what was next. I was pleased as the mild breeze of the sea brushed against my cheeks. I was a bit distracted when a passenger walked by and went to the extreme end of the ship right in front of me. She squinted against the blindingly beautiful setting sun reflecting magnificently on the sea below. Her figure was captivating as the rays of the sun gave me a better view of her shadow.