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It’s been 4 months since I started my private music class at Music Galore in Venice, Italy. It has been quite fun, mastering an instrument and controlling it to produce a desired pitch and eventually, a beautiful sound. I had great passion for music and that was the best way through which I expressed my feelings. My music Teacher Antonio had a very great Talent at bringing out the best in his students. But that was not his only strong suit; he was a very attractive man as well. Antonio was a 6ft tall Italian man with broad shoulders and a body that looks like it was carved specially by the Gods. His blond hair complimented his blue eyes and gave him this awesome look that don’t just quit.

Antonio has really been of great help to me, he devotes his time to make sure that I understood everything he taught. Over time I got to know him well and he got to know me well also.

Actually there wasn’t much to know about me. I already told him that I wasn’t socially active and that I was a virgin.