Fuck me like a true soldier

I enjoyed my cruise with deep thoughts. I would be thirty five years old in just two weeks and had very little to show for it. There was a decent job, a string of short relationships and a lot of money. I never thought my life would have turned out like this. I was smart, law abiding, athletic and well educated. Although I wasn’t every girl’s dream, I was attractive by most standards and had my share of few relationships with desirable women.

My name is Alberto and I was on my last contract and voyage in Italy with no one in my home country to call my own. At least I had dedicated my career to been financially free permanently, but I had no one to share my life with and only waching porn videos or they call it porno italiano.

I sipped my scotch and thought about what was next. I was pleased as the mild breeze of the sea brushed against my cheeks. I was a bit distracted when a passenger walked by and went to the extreme end of the ship right in front of me. She squinted against the blindingly beautiful setting sun reflecting magnificently on the sea below. Her figure was captivating as the rays of the sun gave me a better view of her shadow.

She looked at me and smiled, walked over to me and said;

“Well… look what we’ve got here, I bet you’re a keeper”

I smiled, stood up and fetched the bottle of scotch. I poured some scotch into a second glass cup and handed it over to her with a smile.

“You don’t look bad yourself” I said with a smirk on my face.

Her name was Aurora. She was quite tall, tanned skin with a blond long hair. She had a perfect figure, a large bust and a nice ample ass to go with it. She wore a leather pant and crop top under a leather jacket.

I moved closer to her and we began to talk, It was against the rules to hang out with the passengers but I didn’t care today. Whoever made that rule would change it if they encountered Aurora. We flirted a little before she decided to go use the restroom. I followed her and made sure no one was watching. I noticed she looked back from time to time as she approached the rest room and she saw that I was following her but she smiled and beckoned me to come.

I got into the restroom after she went in and I saw her naked already.

I was astonished with the size of her breasts; I drew in closer and caressed it as I kissed her. She was moaning when I lowered my gaze unto her nipples and kissed it. I played with her nipples as she moaned louder.

I turned her to face me with her back and I grabbed both boobs with one hand while I used the other to locate her pussy. I throbbed my fingers into the warm tight pussy and kept fingering her until her legs were weakened. I had to support her by lifting her boobs with the other hand.

She thought I was going to stop but I didn’t, I had other plans. I located the G-spot and once I did, her pussy was dripping with her creamy cum.

I turned her once again to face me and claimed my price by grabbing her pussy which made her to moan once more. I retracted my hands and which was now stained with her cum. I tasted it like it was some hot tasty tomato sauce while she watched and she loved the passion in my eyes when I did. She yanked off my belt and started unzipping my trouser as she said;

“Fuck me like a true soldier” .

As tempted as I was to plunge my fingers into her glisteningly wet pussy again, I refrained knowing that her big tasty tits were the center of her world right now. I laid her flat and began my assault on the fleshy orbs with increasing speed teasing her at first and getting faster and more insistent with each pass. I began sucking and teasing her nipples while simultaneously massaging the rest of her ample chest.Fuck me like a true soldier

As I sucked and lightly nipped one of her hard nubs, I caressed the other breast and nipple with my free hand. The effect put Aurora in a state of bliss. She just thrashed in pleasure, her naked body writhing beneath mine as she screamed out in ecstasy. Several times she attempted to grind her crotch against my conveniently placed knees, but I held her steady and let the pleasure from her breasts alone overwhelm her.

When she released at last, her cry was so high pitched, and her whole body shook so violently that I would have been scared she was having a seizure if not for the look of pure delight on her angelic face. I smiled and let her relax for a bit before resuming my assault.

Aurora lay exhausted for the first few minutes before she began squirming again, her hips and crotch still fighting to find my leg. I relented a bit and instead of making her seek out my leg, my fingers began teasingly exploring her dripping wet hole. She moaned in frustration as I teased her some more. I looked at her and met her frustrated stare briefly before I at last plunged my fingers into the velvety hole. Her walls nearly immediately tightened on my invading finger and I gasped as I felt warmth flood over my fingers.

Smiling, I waited for her to calm down a bit before finger fucking her in earnest with my thumb massaging her swollen clit. For good measure I kissed and caressed her swollen nipples too. It wasn’t long until Aurora came again.

She showed signs of wanting to speak or get up, but I had one last thing I wanted to do before that happened; I wanted a taste of her sweet juices.

I got up and positioned myself above her molten hot pussy. As I had with her nipples and my fingers, I teased with my tongue a bit, cleaning the copious amount of her cum from her inner thighs before diving in. I had her about halfway home by my reckoning when to my surprise her hands stopped me; I looked at her utterly confused.

Her eyes met mine and there was pure lust in her eyes. Gasping she said,

“Fuck me…baby, please…now…fuck me…hard.”

Then the insistent tone faded away and it was replaced by almost a whine of longing as she said, a final, “pleaaasssee!”

I smiled and pulling off my boxers, I revealed my achingly hard cock to her. Aurora gasped slightly at the sight and before she had to resort to begging for it some more I granted her request. Aurora was rather tight but given the amount of times she had cum and how hot she was for me, I slid in almost immediately despite my size and her tightness.

I felt no need to let her adjust as I felt her legs close behind me. Mustering strength I began fucking Aurora harder and harder enjoying watching her large boobs bounce with every thrust. The feel of her warm pussy on my cock was so amazing that I was surprised I was able to hold on as long as I did.

Just when I felt I could not hold it any longer and was beginning to get tired, Aurora began to encourage me along.

“Just a little more baby, don’t stop, right there, al..Most.. thereeee!”

With that I felt her walls contract on my shaft as her pussy once again gushed fluid. I felt myself explode and wave after wave of pleasure washed over me as my cum rocketed out of me and into her waiting pussy.

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