It’s been 4 months since I started my private music class at Music Galore in Venice, Italy. It has been quite fun, mastering an instrument and controlling it to produce a desired pitch and eventually, a beautiful sound. I had great passion for music and that was the best way through which I expressed my feelings. My music Teacher Antonio had a very great Talent at bringing out the best in his students. But that was not his only strong suit; he was a very attractive man as well. Antonio was a 6ft tall Italian man with broad shoulders and a body that looks like it was carved specially by the Gods. His blond hair complimented his blue eyes and gave him this awesome look that don’t just quit.

Antonio has really been of great help to me, he devotes his time to make sure that I understood everything he taught. Over time I got to know him well and he got to know me well also.

Actually there wasn’t much to know about me. I already told him that I wasn’t socially active and that I was a virgin.

He always called me Jessica the shy girl.


I equally felt that he was attracted to me in a way due to the way he always flirts with me. The words that erupted from his mouth constantly made me wet. I could actually see the length of his shaft whenever he came close to me. Deep down inside me I wanted him and I am sure he wanted me also.

One evening he invited me to his house for a lesson; I had a weird feeling about it but decided to go anyways.When we were done with the lesson, it was already late.  He offered to teach me a different kind of lesson. He was going to help me explore my fantasies while making my first time sweet and easy. And I was excited already.

“Do you want it? “ Antonio asked.

Finally I said “yes”. Knowing I was a virgin, he told me he was going to take it easy on me. It wasn’t what I expected for my first time but, I didn’t know if that was a bad thing or not.

We began to kiss and after a while he pulled away gently from our kiss. I resisted, clearly enjoying the moment, before returning to my seated position. He stands, leaving me still on the bed. “I’m going to get naked now. So you can see what a naked man looks like. OK?”  I nodded. He watched for signs of discomfort in my body language, but I seemed fine. Slowly, he undresses before me, first taking off his shirt, before moving down and removing his socks and trousers. Finally, he removed his underwear. His rock hard cock was staring straight at me. A smile creeps over my face, and he knew this was what I wanted.

He lay back down, next to me on the bed. My hands move tentatively over to his cock. “It’s OK” He tells me. “You can touch. You can feel. You can even taste it if you want.”

I wrapped my hand around it. “I can feel your blood” I said surprised. He just smiled and nods.  I started moving my hand up and down over the cock. First it’s slow and gentle, but suddenly I speed up, gripping too tightly as I did.

“Wow! Slow down. Be gentle.” He replied. I recoiled backwards, releasing him.

He took my hand, and places it back onto his cock. He wraps his own hand over mine, and helps me find a good rhythm. My soft hand, now going at the perfect speed, feels so wonderful over his cock. He fears he was going to cum already, so he moves to kiss me, and move myhand away at the same time. We kissed passionately, and I began moving his own hand towards my breasts, but I instantly became uncomfortable again, and broke the kiss away.
“Sorry,” I said meekly. “I’m not ready for that yet. But I want to spend more time with your cock. Can I taste it?”

“Sure,” He replied, and stands up, walking over to my side of the bed. “But I’m already very close to cumming. Your hand felt really good. I’ll tell you when I’m close.” He said.

Without saying anything, I put my whole mouth over the cock. The warmth of my mouth felt so wonderful to him. He felt my lips at the base of his cock, and my tongue playing with the shaft. At first he felt myteeth touching him, but then I opened my mouth wider, and started sucking him up and down. I didn’t take the cock out; I just focused on the sucking, going up and down. It felt so wonderful, and he closed his eyes to focus on the feeling. After a minute he open his eyes again to see that one of my own hands is now between my legs, playing with myself through my panties. The sight was so sexy, and so wonderful to him. He felt so pleased that I was doing this, opening my sexual side up in front of him.

“thank you for letting me share that with you” he says. “Are you ready for me to see you naked?” I hesitated. “I think so, but I don’t want to undress in front of you. Maybe you could turn around?”

He thinks for a second before replying. “How about this? Why don’t you go into the bathroom, and have a shower. That way you’ve be naked, without having to strip in front of me?”

I agreed, and walked away, into the bathroom. The room is not very soundproof, and he could hear a splash of urine in the toilet, before hearing the shower being turned on.

He opens the door slowly to the bathroom. There is plenty of steam already. I clearly enjoyed the hot shower. “May I join you?” He calls out softly.

“Yes of course” I replied.

He opens the shower cubicle, and saw me, gorgeous in my nakedness. My boobs were probably larger than he expected, and he realized I always kept them bound and hidden. He also saw my pussy for the first time. It’s small and beautiful, shaven around the inside lips, but still with a little hair nearer the top. I moved to cover myself as I walked inside the cramped shower, but he kissed me, and moved my arms away gently. “You’re beautiful.” he sensually whispered in my ear, before moving his lips onto mine again.

The pressure in the shower suddenly falls, the water change breaking our moment. We finished washing ourselves in a more practical, less sexual way.

“You have a really nice cock.” I told him as we dry ourselves off. The bathroom mirror is steamed up, and he drew a smiley face on it as I finished drying my hair.

“Thank you.” he replied. “Are you ready for the next stage?”

I looked at him with those beautiful eyes, and it felt like I could see his soul as I did. They look at him with a confidence he has never seen in me before.

“Yes. I’m ready. You can stop asking me now. I’ve decided. I’m ready. I want this.”

That’s the moment he has been waiting for, and he took my hand in his and led me out of the bathroom, into the bedroom again. He guided me to lay on the bed. He kissed my lips again, before walking away, to the foot of the double bed.

After a couple of minutes he moved his mouth exclusively to my clit, and slowly insertedone, then two fingers inside me. I released a sudden loud moan as he hits the perfect spot in my pussy. I tightenedaround his fingers, and he knew I was ready for his cock. He pulls away from me as my whole body shakes in orgasm.

I was calming down now, and looking at him with a contented smile on my face. He pulled me towards him, to the edge of the bed. We made eye contact, and there was a wanting deep inside my eyes. He puts his cock to the entrance of my tight but wet pussy, and slowly pushes it inside me.

MY FIRST TIMEHe pushes himself as far as he could, then let it sit there for a second, allowing me to get used to the feeling. There was no blood, or any sign of discomfort from me. Slowly He began rocking back and forth, building a gentle rhythm. My body starts matching and grinding with him.

“Oh..” I said quietly, unsure if I should speak during sex or not. “…It’s so natural. My body knows exactly what to do”

“Yeah,” he replied, looking down at my smiling face as he keeps sliding in and out of me. At that, he began to speed up. Again, the speed of his strokes increases.

At that, he pushed my body backwards, back onto the main bed. My head on the pillows again, he lay on top of me and kissed me passionately, while pushing himself into me again. I almost bite his tongue during the kiss as he pushed his cock deep into my pussy. I wrapped my arms and my leg round him as he pushed into me. He moves his face away from mine, and down to my neck. He means to bite gently, but can’t help putting force into it. He hears my yelp in pain, and stops suddenly. But I just whispered… “Don’t stop” and in return I started biting his own neck.

Wewere animals, biting and clawing at each other’s backs as we fucked. He could feel his orgasm building, and after a while he released once again.

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