It’s been over 4 months since Siena had a new neighbour called Bianca. Siena was always indoors with her two best friends Kate and Penelope who always came to sleepover at Siena’s apartment. The three friends go all the way back to high school and now they are in college, nothing seems to separate them. They share everything and keep no secrets between each other.

Sexy new NeighboursHowever Siena and her friends never knew that the new neighbour Bianca was a very sexy girl. All her curves and wits were hidden behind her outfits. But this knowledge became public to Siena and her friends when Bianca invited them to her birthday party. Siena and her friends were astonished by what they saw. Bianca was in her skimpy underwear and a very tiny tank top that revealed her under-bust. And weeks after the party, Siena couldn’t still get Bianca out of her head. Her friends made this more difficult Siena by daring Siena to seduce Bianca. Hence Siena came up with a plan and was ready to conquer her fears. She invited Bianca over to her house for a movie night and that was where everything started.

Siena and Bianca make a bowl of popcorn and then settle down in front of the TV to watch some Italian love movies. They were still in their tight little shorts and tank tops. They watched it all the way through, Siena staying close to Bianca and slowly shifting in tighter and closer, until by the end of the movie she was in a half spoon position, with her arm behind the other girl’s neck. Her orders from Tatiana were clear. She was to get into Bianca’s bed that night. They took a break, went to the bathroom and fixed another bag of popcorn. And plopped back on the couch to watch the second movie “But I’m a Cheerleader”, quickly falling into the same position, a half spoon. As they sat Siena made sure that she was even better positioned tightly against Bianca so they were almost in a complete spooning position, Bianca’s perfectly curved ass cupped in the bend of Siena’s hips. The second movie was about this cheerleader wrongly fingered as being gay and sent off too homosexual re-education camp. It was a comedy.

During the movie Siena put her hand casually on Bianca’s hip. Bianca didn’t protest and just let Siena’s hand rest there, her breathing became more shallow and quick. She is focused entirely on Siena’s hand.  Five minutes pass. Siena lets her middle finger find its way under the barest edge of the hem of Bianca’s hot pants. Bianca pretends to ignore the intrusion, but in reality her entire being is focused on where Siena’s finger is, she swears she can feel Siena’s fingerprint.

Another movie scene comes and goes, neither girl notices. Siena slides her middle finger fully under the hem and this time her index and ring finger join their sister just barely inside Bianca’s tight shorts. Bianca is going crazy trying to stay perfectly still. Scared out of her mind, more excited than she has ever been before in her young life.  Siena licks her lips quietly in anticipation. Bianca won’t be able to ignore it much more, up until now they could pretend, but the next intrusion would be impossible to ignore or lie about ignoring, what will she do when Siena’s hand is halfway inside her pants? When her fingertips are a mere inch from her pubic hair? When it truly becomes something sexual? They stay still for a few minutes longer, neither wanting the moment of innocent lying to end. Enjoying the pretend innocence.

Then Siena acts. She slides her hand further in. Bianca makes a surprised peep despite herself. Siena now has four fingers inside Bianca’s shorts. In the smallest voice, Bianca says, “Siena…”

Siena moves her fingers in the lightest tickling motion sending electric shivers through Bianca’s body. Siena’s fingertips played over the perfectly smooth skin inside Bianca’s boy-shorts.

THE SEXY NEIGHBOURBianca leans her head to the side and back, the movie now forgotten. She gazes at Siena as Siena moves her lips down. Bianca kisses a girl for the first time. The kiss was nicer than a boy’s, the lips softer, and the passion richer. Bianca spread her legs slightly in anticipation. Siena slowly moved her hand further inside Bianca’s short shorts. Traversing the smooth skin between Bianca’s hip and vagina. She encountered Bianca’s pubic hair and lingered, twisting the curly hair with her fingertips. Bianca moaned as the two girls continued their kiss. Bianca spread her legs further, draping her right leg over Siena’s, opening up her privates to Siena.

Siena snaked her finger through the curled hair, down over the gently curve of Bianca’s pubic part until she encountered the very top of Bianca’s treasure.  She pulled out of the kiss, “…Bianca? Yes? No?” she asked quietly in a gentle voice. “Siena, Siena, yes. Please yes.” Siena kissed Bianca again as she let her finger slide down and into the already moist folds of Bianca’s pussy. “Oh my god!” Said Bianca as Siena started to play with her. Siena brought her finger up to the other girl’s clit and rubbed it, massaging it in gentle circles.

“ohh.” Bianca couldn’t believe it, she was almost cumming already. The whole experience of being played with by another girl was too much for her. Nobody had ever played with her before, not a boy and certainly not a girl. The most she’d ever done is let her last boyfriend feel her tits. She’d masturbated some, but not often, this was completely new, and her mind was exploding!

“AHH Siena OH MY GOD!” Siena slid her middle finger down into the folds of Bianca’s pussy and bent the knuckle to penetrate her vagina. Her finger slid inside the other girl easily. Siena wrapped her other arm around Bianca and started to massage her breast while she gently kissed the back of Bianca’s neck. She pulled her wet finger back out and slid it back up to Bianca’s clitoris and played the girl again. Bianca threw her head back as the ecstasy built to a crescendo. She couldn’t believe how quickly she was rising to cum.
“AAAHA ahha EEEh” She screamed. Siena slid her fingers back down and this time two fingers enter pushing Bianca over the edge and she came!

Siena started to finger fuck her keeping her orgasm rolling across her body. She fucked her with her fingers and then held them inside her as deep as she could penetrate…Siena felt a barrier in place. Bianca was a virgin. Siena held the Bianca as she shook through the last of her orgasm. Bianca was nearly unconscious. Siena left her fingers inside Bianca as she cam severally.

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